Connections Gallery: Space: (…)!

Space: (…)!

Presented by the Intermediate and Advanced Drawing students of Bloomsburg University

November 4- November 28, 2012


This exhibition is a program of the Connections Gallery: Experiments in Community Curating.

Who among us can claim that they have no interest in space? The infinite medium of space holds infinite possibilities, including our greatest hopes and our greatest fears.  The imagery of how we on earth have envisioned space has changed dramatically over time, resulting from the technological innovations that renovate our ever-evolving depictions of space in art, film and literature. Visions of the future can take on nostalgic associations with the era in which they were created. We can easily see how our current way of thinking about space will rapidly become anachronistic.

The Intermediate and Advanced Drawing students of Bloomsburg University will confine themselves to the finite space of the Connections Gallery to bravely explore the furthest reaches of their imaginations; responding to each others work to create a unified vision of space as we see it now.  Images abound of planets, stars, suns, moons, aliens, zombies(?), human/technology hybridization, as well as drawings inspired by photos from the Hubble telescope, the Mars Rovers, and actual human missions into space.

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Gallery Locations

The Samek Gallery
3rd Floor, Elaine Langone Center
Bucknell University

The Downtown Gallery
416 Market Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837