Study Gallery

conversations gallery, spring 2012, 2The Samek Art Museum is focused on creating meaningful  encounters with works of art that educate and enhance the lives of Bucknell students. Where and how these encounters take shape can stem from a variety of sources: the classroom, a walk through the quad, or even around a meal. Each of these chance meetings share the common connection of conversation. The free exchange of ideas presents the opportunity for people of multiple disciplines to work collaboratively and explore intellectual, creative and inventive solutions. It can be imagined as the Art of thinking together.

The Study Gallery is a new program of the Samek Art Museum that encourages this kind of collective thinking. The Museum has reshaped the pre-existing Project Room as a site of learning. Bucknell Faculty and the Samek staff collaborate, selecting objects from the permanent collection that relate to course syllabi. This partnership between gallery and administration allows for classes to be held within the Study Gallery. This presents a unique opportunity for students, who witness an activation of the histories they examine within a gallery.

The space also functions as a student art lounge, a modern revision to the historic concept of the “hearth.” Much like the fireplace is considered an integral part of a home, a site dedicated to meeting and sharing, the Conversations Gallery enacts this feeling for students. They gather around tables, “circle up” their mod red chairs and begin their strategies of thinking creatively.

The Samek Art Museum invites the Bucknell and surrounding communities to join the conversation and reexamine the art of thinking together.

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Gallery Locations

The Samek Gallery
3rd Floor, Elaine Langone Center
Bucknell University

The Downtown Gallery
416 Market Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837