Anna Kell’s Pentimenti Opening January 24th 6-8 pm @ Downtown Gallery

Tomorrow night from 6-8 pm, the Downtown Gallery will host the opening of Anna Kell’s Pentimenti. Anna Kell, an associate professor of Art here at Bucknell, debuts her first exhibition at one of the two galleries associated with the Bucknell Art Galleries. Located across the street from the Campus Theatre, the Downtown Gallery affords a space for the community and college campus to interact & appreciate art together. Tomorrow’s event is unique for the Bucknell Art Galleries; Kell is the first faculty member to debut her exhibition at the Downtown Gallery.

Anna Kell’s work for this particular exhibition centers on this idea of pentimenti. Pentimenti is plural for the Italian word for “a repentance”. In an art historical context, this references the compositional modifications that the artist created during his/her creative process. Since the artist’s intentions were for the viewer to not see these alterations, people have associated pentimenti with a negative connotation. After all, the artist changed his or her mind on the aesthetics of the piece, so wouldn’t this imply that the hidden composition was a mistake or a regret? Anna Kell examines this particular notion through modern day materials.

With her infinity for nature and its representation through household goods, the artist takes old mattresses and repaints the floral decoration on these surfaces. These recycled mattresses are not cleaned or bleached; rather there are stains and discoloring which alludes to a history unknown to the viewer. Anna Kell embraces these stains. This is clear by the fact that they are not painted over. Rather, she includes the stains, or in this context- pentimenti, in her floral designed objects. Furthermore, she acknowledges and deliberately embraces these imperfections. Kell tries to look at these alterations in a positive light. After all, these stains signify human interaction & human imperfection.

Curious? Anna Kell will be discussing these concepts in depth in her opening remarks. She will discuss her practice and the ideas and thematics of pentimenti. This associate professor will utilize the concept of “TED Talks” so expect her opening remarks to be presented in short 10 minute mini presentations. Following her presentations and the follow up Q & A, refreshments and light snacks will provided. So come on over from 6-8 on January 24th for some great art, interesting discussion, and cooling refreshments. This free event is open to the public so bring a friend or two!


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