Who’s Who Among Bucknell Panelists?

Jim Campbell’s works of art, as exemplified in “At the Threshold,” do not lend themselves to one specific interpretation or categorization.  Instead, understanding of Campbell’s works can be derived from their interdisciplinary nature, which will be explored on March 20 during a panel discussion at 6 pm in the Samek Art Gallery.

So who’s who among the panelists?!  What are their specializations and how do they relate to Campbell’s work in “At the Threshold?”


To begin, Samek Director and Curator Richard Rinehart specializes in new media art, which utilizes technology as a means of art production- i.e. computer graphics, computer animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, etc.  While the praise and criticism of new media art is varied, the genre does pose important questions for consideration.   For instance, how are these works to be preserved for future generations to study and will this genre survive the test of time or is it just a passing technology fad?


In contrast to Rinehart’s artistic approach, Maurice Aburdene (Bucknell professor of Electrical Engineering) will be presenting audience members with a more technical understanding of Campbell’s work.  His research interests include but are not limited to computer modeling and simulation, digital signal processing, and electrical instrumentation and measurements.


The third and final panelist for this evening’s discussion will be Maria Balcells, a visiting professor of Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Considering her interests of time and metaphysics, Balcells approach to Campbell’s work is going to be theoretically based.


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