TODAY: Movement & Atmospheric Music Workshops featuring Rob Schwimmer @ The Samek

Movement & Atmospheric Music Workshops featuring Rob Schwimmer

Co-programmed by the Weis Center for Performing Arts & The Samek Art Gallery

The Samek Art Gallery, 3rd Fl. Elaine Langone Center, Bucknell University

Public Workshops: 12 Noon-1 p.m & 7-8 p.m (yoga) ; 5-6 p.m (tai chi)

Wednesday, March 6th

The Weis Center for Performing Arts and The Samek Art Gallery are pleased to present a day of movement and atmospheric music workshops featuring musician Rob Schwimmer. Public workshops will include yoga and tai chi paired with Schwimmer’s original and atmospheric live music.  Set within the Samek Art Gallery, this co-programmed series is in conjunction with the New Media Arts exhibition, “At the Threshold” featuring works by Jim Campbell. The exhibition will be on view through March 24th.

Schwimmer is a composer, pianist, and professional theremin player. His compositions have been featured in theater, television series and movies, and feature films in addition to performing throughout the world. Schwimmer performed the piano live in the Weis Center lobby  last October. His return to campus continues the co-programming efforts of Weis Center executive director, Kathryn Maguet and Samek Art Gallery director, Richard Rinehart.

Among other instruments, Schwimmer will showcase the Haken Continuum, a keyboard with a touch-sensitive synthetic rubber playing surface. Sensors under the playing surface respond to finger position and pressure in three dimensions and provide pitch resolution. The continuum was conceived by Lippold Haken, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineer at the University of Illinois in 1990.

For a complete list of programs and workshops related to Rob Schwimmer’s visit, see: Movement & Atmospheric Music Workshops, Schedule of Events

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