Where Are They Now? Featuring Adam Hargus

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Featuring: Adam Hargus, Class of 2003

The Where Are They Now? project is continuing with Adam Hargus. Hargus currently works in New York City’s film industry.

Post- Graduation: The New York City Lifestyle

After graduating from Bucknell in 2003, Hargus spent some time figuring out what he wanted to pursue and the means to pursue it.  He moved to New York City in July of 2003 to partake in a short film, which was produced by a Bucknell alumnus.  In his responses, Hargus was honest and realistic. In the beginning, he took a bartending job to pay for living expenses, headshots, and an agent. Now, after having established himself, Hargus auditions regularly and has more flexibility with his schedule.  Reflecting back on his career journey, Hargus encourages undergraduate students to remember what is really significant for them personally.

Challenges faced: Financial Stability

Hargus will be the first to tell you that pursuing acting today is competitive, hard, and financially unsound.  However, if this is the career path that makes you happy and fulfills your aspirations, Hargus would be the first Bucknell graduate to say: Make it happen.  Hargus repeatedly mentioned the need to follow your heart, he does what makes him happy and defines success as a state of mind (not as a state of affairs).  Over the past decade, Adam has made sacrifices that have enabled him to maintain the career path that he genuinely enjoys.  He encourages upcoming graduates to pursue a job that aligns with your goals and dreams.  “Constantly check in with yourself and make sure that this is what you want to spend your time doing.”  For this Bucknell graduate, his main aspiration in the next five years would be to be immersed in work that interests him on a personal and intellectual level.

*Tips for Undergraduate Students*

Adam Hargus explicitly states some key tips for upcoming graduates pursuing a career in the Arts.  His positive outlook on life and a career path is aspiring and definitely worthy to read over.

–          There is no modern concept of ‘failure’. Pursue something that interests you. Do not waste a precious second you’re not absolutely sure you want for yourself.

–          Utilize the Career Development Center.  Hargus connected with the CDC during his senior year and landed his first gig post-graduation because of this helpful support system.

–          Networking is crucial. A career in the arts does not have a clear cut formula to pursue in order to be successful. Since each artist is different, their story to success is unique. Take each challenge you face and realistically resolve it. These sorts of little challenges evolved in an industry, as do the solutions to solve them.


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