Art Hunting

As the Museum Fellow at the Samek, I am given the opportunity to curate two exhibitions in the downtown gallery space, one per year of my tenure. Each exhibition carries its own constraints. For example my first exhibition, Pause + Effect, required that I pull only from the Samek permanent collection. It encouraged me to engage with the collection beyond cursory acquaintance, to fine tune my concept and the pieces I chose to tell that visual story.... Read More

Our Cleopatra painting is going to Madrid

You may notice that our painting of Cleopatra by celebrated Italian Renaissance artist, Giampietrino, is missing from its usual home in the Kress Gallery. This is because it is currently traveling to Madrid, Spain for an exhibition at the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal. Giampietrino, Cleopatra, 1524-26. Oil on panel. The work will be displayed as part of the exhibition whose title in English is Cleopatra and the Fascination of Egypt. Curated by... Read More

Greetings from the new Fellow!

Hello, everyone! I am the new curatorial Museum Fellow here at the Samek Museum. I come to you a humble southern girl, born and bred in the swamps – yes, the swamps! – of north central Florida. I received my bachelor’s in art history from the University of Florida in Gainesville. Afterwards, I took a bit of an academic sabbatical to work in the insurance industry as an auto claims adjuster (and yes, it was as boring and tedious as you may imagine... Read More

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