Lynn Estomin: Fashion to Die For

If you’ve walked past the entrances to the Samek or the Downtown Gallery during the evening recently, you may have noticed a new video playing. It is artist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker Lynn Estomin‘s 2014 video work, Fashion to Die For. You can watch the trailer here. Estomin’s video begins with hypnotic footage of industrial factory knitting machines. Bright, monochromatic spools of thread dance across the screen,... Read More

Anne Spalter / Sunrise Over Rockefeller Center

Even though the Samek will be closed for the winter break, that does not mean we won’t me showing any art! On display on the Video Wall, just outside our main doors, will be projected “Sunrise Over Rockefeller Center” a video work by the artist Anne Spalter. This work will be on display from December 6, 2011 to January 26, 2012. Spalter’s work is inspired by technological and man-made landscapes. She looks for a way to bring... Read More

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