Bucknell Diversity Summit – Simryn Gill, Somewhere Between

Simryn Gill is a multimedia artist working in sculpture, drawing, photography, and writing. In Somewhere Between, Gill combines the latter two art forms by creating a set of instructions, leaving it up to you to complete the work with your camera. Prior to, and during Bucknell’s First Annual Diversity Summit on March 29-30, we encourage you to participate in her artwork by following the instructions below and sharing it with us on social media using #BUsomewherebetween

Simryn Gill, Somewhere Between (2002).

Approach a stranger who you perceive to be somehow different to yourself.

 The difference between yourself and this person could be of any nature, for instance— age, class, lifestyle, politics, skin color, religion etc etc.

 However, the category or categories of difference that you chose, should be one(s) that deeply inform your own life.

 Ask someone to take a photograph of yourself with this person.

 Send in the photo stating the date and the place.

Photos will be on display digitally in front of the Samek Art Museum’s entrances, on the Museum’s social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat), and on monitors around campus for the duration of the Summit.

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