Fun Facts about Sarah Battle, a new intern at the Samek

Hey Samek Art Gallery blog readers! My name is Sarah Battle and I am an intern here at the Samek Art Gallery for the Spring Semester. I am currently a junior at Bucknell as an Art History and Education double major. No- my career aspiration is not to teach Art History (most people assume) but rather, I would love to work in a museum setting. Whether this be a ‘big name’ or local museum or even through a nonprofit organization, I hope to work with the public and educate people of all ages through programing and events. Here are some other current fun facts I have about my involvement on campus:

  •  I am a co-founder & current treasurer of the Gallery Engagement Team (G.E.T)
  •   I am the VP of Recruitment Counselors for the Panhellenic Executive Board
  •  I am the head of the Education Branch for the Packwood House Museum group
  • I am a docent at the Bucknell Art Galleries- this semester I mostly work at the Samek

I am looking forward to blogging this semester and would love for any feedback. Enjoy the upcoming events that the Bucknell Art Galleries have to offer!! For a complete list of our public programs- click here!

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