Friday, March 1 Noon-1pm: Art-Ful Fridays @ The Samek

ArtfulFridaysArt-ful Fridays is a recurring program of The Bucknell Art Galleries, held every third Friday of the month. This program is designed to unearth how art and other interdisciplinary fields overlap in contemporary practice.  Held the Conversations Gallery, a student art lounge within the Samek Art Gallery, from 12:00pm-1:00pm, each meeting is an informal lunch-time gathering of Bucknell and Lewisburg area students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Each month a participant will volunteer to choose a topic they wish to discuss and select a source to circulate among the group. This could be an article, short essay, even a YouTube clip! It should relate in some way back to the arts. Individuals will have two weeks to review the selection at their leisure. Each one hour gathering will be an open dialogue that begins in reflection to the selected topic… but from there allow the conversation to organically reveal other topics coming to mind. Participants are encouraged to bring a “+1” such as a friend or peer that might be interested in that month’s topic of choice. The more diverse the group, the greater the breadth of subjects covered and exchange of interests will be!

The only rule is… there are no rules! Come every other month or be a regular- it’s up to you! This is a non-credit zone, meaning there are no pressures of writing papers or faculty calling on you. The idea is to carve a niche for non-class related reading in your everyday life.


NOTE: Due to Spring Break, our next meeting will be MARCH 1

TOPIC: Open Source Art

How open sourcing is disrupting visual art

Copy Culture

Why art should be free

The download

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