Artist Talks: Bill Domonkos and Elliot Anderson

Last week the Downtown Art Gallery hosted two artist talks, with Bill Domonkos on April 16th and Elliot Anderson on April 18th. Both artists were being shown in the exhibit called Makeover in the Gallery. Last Tuesday, filmmaker Bill Domonkos presented his work called The Poppy, Nocturne, and Le Deux Fois in the Campus Theatre.

The makeover theme of Bill Domonkos work was using archive film that he was drawn to and then adding his own personal touch. He managed to change the entire mood of the film by digitally using special effects, animation, and music. His goal was to create a film that expressed something inexplicable.

Similarly, Elliot Anderson took something old and changed it into something new. Last Thursday, Elliot Anderson discussed his work in the Downtown Art Gallery. He creates his pieces by finding old tourist photographs and compiling them using an algorithm that he devised.  The outcome is very unique. The photographs are mounted on light boxes that are illuminated and have an almost kaleidoscopic feel.

Both artists took something that someone else had created in order to create something new, but their subject matter was quite different. Anderson focuses on landscapes and nature, and the human relationship with the sublime. Domonkos describes his works content as being on a more personal level, although the films are open for everyone to have their own personal interpretation. Both artists have an artistic method that, I believe, is innovative and unique. I found all of the works that are presented to be extremely interesting and well worth a visit.

If you have some free time check out the Downtown Art Gallery on Market St. across from the Campus Theatre. The Makeover exhibit will be shown until June 30th!

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