Saturday, April 27 from 11am-3pm: The Nation Wide Museum Mascot Project @ The Market Street Festival in Downtown Lewisburg

2013 Celebration of the Arts- Market Street Festival

featuring The Nationwide Museum Mascot Project

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Downtown Lewisburg, 11am-3pm

April 27th

NWMMPThe 44th Annual Celebration of the Arts is anchored by two main events; The Market Street Festival (art, entertainment, and food along Market Street) and Lewisburg Live! (a concert series within community venues). The Downtown Art Gallery, located at 416 Market Street, is conviently located in the heart of town during the street festival.

This year the Downtown Art Gallery welcomes the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (NWMMP) to engage with local community members, Bucknell students, and festival go-ers to encourage art involvement and museum awareness.

The Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (NWMMP) promotes art museums through custom made, sports team-like mascots that engage with visitors and staff alike with handshakes, high-fives and hugs, pro-museum sign picketing, social networking and workshops. Free giveaways range from homemade buttons and stickers to balloons, zines and corn-dogs. This project is on the tipping point between sincere promotion and playful parody.

Since 2008, the NWMMP has represented an expanding list of art museums that include the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; San Diego Museum of Art; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Keep your eyes peeled for two Downtown Art Gallery mascots during the Market Street Festival on Saturday, April 27th! They will be joined by student ambassadors of the Gallery Engagement Team passing out buttons, candy, and museum “swag”. Let them direct you to the Downtown Gallery and enjoy the festivities along the way!

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The Samek Gallery
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