G.E.T.’s Final Event of the Semester: First Annual Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt


The Gallery Engagement Team (G.E.T.) presents our first annual Scavenger Hunt tomorrow, Dec 5th from 12-1 pm at the Samek Art Gallery. Haven’t been able to check out the exhibitions at the gallery this semester? Well, come to this month’s event to check out Do It, Strange Bedfellows, and the Connections Gallery.

G.E.T. members have selected 20 items for you all to look for throughout the entire Samek Art Gallery. These objects range from easy to hard, and these  objects also range in places around the gallery space. Since these exhibitions will be coming down by the end of the semester, this event really allows for any last minute (and returning!) visitors to observe and interact the works of art in these spaces.

Need more reason to come? G.E.T.’s scavenger hunt will have great prizes. Visitors will have from 12- 12:50 to find all 20 items on the list, take pictures of these items, and get one of the judges (G.E.T. members) to approve of the pictures taken. Once the list is completed and verified by the selected judges, the visitor will write their name and email address down in a piece of paper. They will be free to leave once they have completed the list. Once 12:50 hits, anyone who has completed their list and has entered their information on paper will have the chance to win gift cards for places in Downtown Lewisburg. G.E.T. will raffle the names at 12:50 and announce the winners of $10, $25, and $50 gift cards. If the winners are not there, they will be emailed directly afterwards.

So come and join the fun tomorrow from 12-1 pm at the Samek. Look around for the objects at all three exhibits for a chance to win the awesome prizes. See you there!!




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